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Product comments of johan_braeken

Car-PC Jetway Dual-PCI Risercard (RISER2A-PB) Jetway Dual-PCI Risercard (RISER2A-PB)
 | 22.04.2008
Risercard with 2 slots that face away from the motherboard. Nothing special about it, it just needs to work. And it does work. ;-)
If you order it, please be advised there is almost no PC case that supports 2 horizontal risercards. The cases that do exists are fairly expensive (HTPC cases).
For me this as not an issue as I made my own (wooden) case.

Car-PC USB-HUB (4 ports, external) USB-HUB (4 ports, external)
 | 22.04.2008
Unpowered USB 2.0 ports, with the possibility to connect an external power supply to make all USB ports powered.
Normally all USB devices are allowed to sink 500mA. Four ports is therefore 2A.
This USB hub is rated for an external powersupply of 1.5A, so less than 2A.
In reality this is most of the time not a problem, as not all USB devices need 500mA.

Car-PC RAM 512MB DDR 400 RAM 512MB DDR 400
 | 22.04.2008
Default 512MB RAM, What more can I say?
If you buy new RAM, I always test the memory for any defects with "memtest86". Broken memory can easily be RMA'ed.
If you use Linux, you can still use "broken" RAM. It can be bought intentionaly very, very cheaply. (Less than half for twice the size). Just run memtest, note the broken memory location, and tell Linux not to use these locations. Simple.

 | 22.04.2008
Passive cooling means quiet computing.
It had an 800MHz CPU, which doesn't look like much, but sometimes it's enough.
It is my MythTV backend and it only needs to take mpeg streams for capture cards, and write it to disk. Not CPU intensive at all.
I used Gentoo Linux on this very good supported motherboard to squeeze all the performance out of it.
With 19W maximum this can be your eco-friendly home server.

Car-PC HAUPPAUGE WinTV Nova-TD USB (external DVB-T DUAL TV-card) HAUPPAUGE WinTV Nova-TD USB (external DVB-T DUAL TV-card)
 | 22.04.2008
When I ordered this, I received more than I expected, a lot more. It comes completely with software and 2 antennas, not just the USB stick.
This little dual tuner DVB-T receiver is suported under Linux, it works perfectly and is a great add-on for you MythTV, or other media device. I don't like the included software, but I was not going to use it anyway...