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15.01.2019 NEW PRODUCT : Nanovision MIMO USB+HDMI Display EX768C/EH1080C Multi-Touchscreen

This TFT monitor is connected to a Windows PC USB connector. The display is working as an additional display which can be added to the main display area on the left, right, upper or lower. Alternatively it can mirror the primary screen. The display can be swiveled in steps of 90°.

In addition, the EX768C model comes with capacitive multi touchscreen.

The EX768C comes with integrated mounting and protection ! Simply turn over the rear side of the display to get a stand.

The display also is available as an HDMI-variant (EH1080C).

Nanovision MIMO EX768C (11.6" USB Multi-Touchscreen Display, VESA)
Nanovision MIMO EH1080C (11.6" HDMI Multi-Touchscreen Display, VESA)