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HDMI Multi-Touchscreen Display


High brightness ! | One-cable-4-all !

The CTFHDM700-HM delivers an impressive 800 cd/m2 light output – a light level that places it at the very top end of the market in terms of brightness. This lig [...]

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469.00 EUR

incl. 19% VAT, plus shipping

7" USB TFT Display

Nanovision MIMO UM-720S V2

Displaylink ! | 800x480 ! | Touchscreen !

This TFT monitor is connected to a Windows PC USB connector. The display is working as an additional display which can be added to the main display area on the [...]

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169.95 EUR

incl. 19% VAT, plus shipping
Nanovision MIMO UM-720S V2
  • Über 30 Auswahlparameter!
  • CTFHDM700-HM
  • Nanovision MIMO UM-720S V2