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Product comments of caprioli

Car-PC Akasa Turing A50 (V2) Encloure (for ASUS PN50 Mainboard) <b>[FANLESS]</b> Akasa Turing A50 (V2) Encloure (for ASUS PN50 Mainboard) [FANLESS]
 | 22.05.2021
Great case! I have the 4800U PN50 and this case keeps the CPU at a cool 45 C when idle. Under synthetic load, the CPU usually stays between 55-60 C, compared to 95-100 C in the original case. There's no thermal throttling at all anymore and I did notice a difference when gaming.

I didn't use the included thermal paste, instead I bought a separate one from Thermal Grizzly. I don't know how much of a difference this makes, but my guess is that the included paste would do just fine since the thermals are so good anyway.

It took me roughly 4-5 hours to get the motherboard out of the old case and in to this new one. The old case got bent in the process, so this will most likely void your warranty. I also salvaged the Wi-Fi antennas from the old case and use them in this new case, this works fine as long as you pull the antenna cables through the ventilation holes so that they are not inside the metal cage.