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Product comments of tommycartfct

Car-PC picoPSU-120 DC/DC PC ATX power supply (Fanless, 120 Watt) picoPSU-120 DC/DC PC ATX power supply (Fanless, 120 Watt)
 | 31.01.2008
I'm very satisfied with this product.
Good quality, reliable and quiet.
I'm using it with a AC Power adapter (12V, 60W).
Fits Epia-LT10000 but I had some trouble with my LN-10000
mother board because one component on the board was mounted
to close to the power connector. Not the PSU's fault and
can easily be fixed with a cable between the board and PSU.

Car-PC M200 Enclosure M200 Enclosure
 | 31.01.2008
I'm using this case for a disk-less mini-itx firewall
built around VIA Epia-LT10000. The cpu-heat sink on the epia
board takes so much space that there is no room for hard drives.
If you want this config with hard drives I suggest you go
for the M300 Enclosure instead. I'm very pleased with the M200 enclosure,
it suits my needs and comes with a CF to IDE adapter.

Car-PC AC Power adapter (12V, 60W) AC Power adapter (12V, 60W)
 | 31.01.2008
Good product.

Car-PC Morex Case Cubid CB3688 black Morex Case Cubid CB3688 black
 | 31.01.2008
Comes with power supply and an usb->ide adapter for optical drives like CD/DVD. I took an cd/dvd from a notebook and used it with this adapter.
Good quality case for a nice price.