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Product comments of thunderkick

Car-PC ZOTAC ZBOX HD-ID11 (Intel Atom 2x1.66Ghz, NVIDIA ION NextGen) ZOTAC ZBOX HD-ID11 (Intel Atom 2x1.66Ghz, NVIDIA ION NextGen)
 | 19.07.2010
Very fast and reliable nettop. It has all the features that one needs. Usbs, e-sata, hdmi and card reader. Is is very quiet, almost noiseless. The design is very good, and the case itself is very practical and also good looking. I have installed ubuntux64 and it hasn't failed me once. I gets really hot during operation but it is normal as the fan is small and the cpu is peaking with the processes I give it to do. The one thing that it has that i don't want is the blue circle light that glows in the night. I guess I can disconnect it but still haven't bothered to do so. Overall it is a very solid pc, just add a hard drive and some memory and it will be flying in no time. I managed to have 15 secs boot time in linux. So very good product in my opinion.