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Car-PC Adapter SlimCD-to-IDE Adapter SlimCD-to-IDE
 | 02.10.2008

Car-PC P4 connector cable (4pol-5.25) P4 connector cable (4pol-5.25)
 | 02.10.2008

Car-PC picoPSU-120 DC/DC PC ATX power supply (Fanless, 120 Watt) picoPSU-120 DC/DC PC ATX power supply (Fanless, 120 Watt)
 | 02.10.2008

Car-PC RAM 2048MB DDR-II 800 RAM 2048MB DDR-II 800
 | 07.12.2008
Good and fast RAM, no problems yet

Car-PC Jetway JNC62K (for AMD AM2/AM2+) Jetway JNC62K (for AMD AM2/AM2+)
 | 07.12.2008
Board works very well under linux, especially watching hd-tv. Since november 2008 nvidia is also working on an purehd support for graphic chip under linux, they call it vdpau. Support is planned for mpeg2, mpeg4, and h264 codecs. MythTv tries to support it.

Linux Problem: The current(06.12.08) audio driver doesn't support audio over hdmi/dvi. Nevertheless i managed to get it work with the latest svn driver. But also with the svn driver, i haven't a mixer device to control the volume(it stays at 100%) Hope this helps someone.