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Product comments of tcalcada

Car-PC Globalsat BU-353S4 USB GPS Receiver (<b>Sirf 4</b> chipset) Globalsat BU-353S4 USB GPS Receiver (Sirf 4 chipset)
 | 25.11.2011
Very good quality! The iman is very strong. The GPS are traveling inside buses bound by only iman for 3 months and did not fall. They are also accurate as expected.

Car-PC M<b>2</b>-ATX 6-24V DC/DC (160 Watts) M2-ATX 6-24V DC/DC (160 Watts)
 | 25.11.2011
practical and inexpensive.

Car-PC P4 connector cable (4pol-4pol) P4 connector cable (4pol-4pol)
 | 25.11.2011
Pratical! couldn't find these anywhere else.

Update from :2011-12-10 09:23
P4 cables are awesome. It was very difficult to arrange where to buy these cables.They work beautifully and are thread adapter for use with power supplies also sold on this site. Congratilations.