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Product comments of prado

Car-PC Enclosure f. DCDC-USB Enclosure f. DCDC-USB
 | 18.05.2011
The DCDCD-USB fits in perfectly and the holes around, leave it breath efficiently and adequately enough.

Car-PC DCDC-USB (Converter from 6-34V to 5-24V, max. 100 watts) DCDC-USB (Converter from 6-34V to 5-24V, max. 100 watts)
 | 18.05.2011
It has been bought to replace a normal 12Vin-19Vout power supply which the moment of engine start was resetting the car pc.
And it could do it. It has been programmed through the software for 19,2V output and this never change, not even the time of engine start with all lights on and much other consumption.
It is an excellent choice for a power supply.