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Car-PC DCDC-USB-200 (Converter from 6-34V to 5-24V, max. 180 watts) DCDC-USB-200 (Converter from 6-34V to 5-24V, max. 180 watts)
 | 21.12.2013
The power supply does what it says in the description. It is easy to set up with jumpers. I did not need to configure with software at all as the jumer settings where sufficient for my use.

The physical size is such that it is easy to get into a self built case as I did. Only thing that was in my case a problem that in and out connections are in different ends of the board. Maybe good for a differnet install the mine. Still not a showstopper but a slight challenge when planning the case.

My setup is a industrial motherboard with 12V in an a 3,5" harddrive and 12 cm fan to keep it all cool. There is a lot of extra power for future growth of the system. Now it is only a DLNA media server that is used throug android smartphones. FUture plan is to have a touchscreen driven frontend to it with navigation and other fun stuff.