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Product comments of npole

Car-PC Intel D945GCLF<b>2D</b> (with integrated Atom 2x 1.6Ghz CPU) Intel D945GCLF2D (with integrated Atom 2x 1.6Ghz CPU)
 | 23.04.2010
Amazing price/quality product.
I've updated to this motherboard from an old EPIA M10000, the increase in speed and rensponse (CarPC with RideRunner) is awesome.
The fan over the GPU is not a problem at all (i was worried about it initially).
Got it installed with 1MB of RAM aboard and using a M2-ATX PSU: be sure to purchase the additional P4 cable if you are running the same configuration (you may well using a 5.25>P4 cable, but then you need a splitter since the M2 provides only one power output.. if you even need it for other purposes like me).
The GPU has no problem running 720p videos (i didn't tested fullHD movies, it wouldn't make sense to me, with a tiny car monitor).
Very reccomended!

Car-PC RAM 1024MB DDR-II 667 RAM 1024MB DDR-II 667
 | 23.04.2010
I've installed one of this on the Intel MiniITX. No problems and it works as expected.
It's not an hi-end RAM module, but you don't need it for our mobility purpose, and considering the price, it's top notch!