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Product comments of matt3o

Car-PC Noah Case 3988B80 Noah Case 3988B80
 | 11.10.2008
The best case 90 euros can buy. It's not perfect but it works. In the inside the metal frames are quite sharp and it's easy to get scratched. I was able to fit easily a 3.5 sata drive (with an adapter power cable) and a via EPIA EN12000. The included fan is audible (I guess about 20dbA) in very low noise environment, probably it could be replaced with a low profile SilenX 80x80x15mm fan. Overall a nice buy.

VIA EPIA EN12000EG (without I/O shield, without accessoiry)
 | 11.10.2008
Great fanless board. It's a "strange" board: not suitable for heavy desktop usage but has even too much horse power for a SOHO file/print/mp3 server. Anyway I use it as a linux server and the gigabit ethernet is a nice touch. Probabily it can be under-clocked but the additional power turned out precious in ffmpeg conversions and multitasking. Overall a great board.

Car-PC Jetway J7F2WE-EDEN12G (Alternative for VIA EN12000) [Fanless] Jetway J7F2WE-EDEN12G (Alternative for VIA EN12000) [Fanless]
 | 21.10.2008
I had the chance to test this board side by side with the via epia counterpart. I have to say that they are pretty much the same board, but the via en12000eg seems to have a more solid design. Power consumption is also similar, with the via board 1w less hungry. I'd say for desktop or casual use get a jetway, for server use get the via.

Car-PC Fan f. M350 enclosure Fan f. M350 enclosure
 | 18.01.2011
Good fan, not too noisy. Fit inside the m350 perfectly, both on top (over the pictured above support) or in the front of the case.

Car-PC ZOTAC ION ITX A-E (with integrated Atom 2x 1.6Ghz CPU, Onboard PSU, WLAN) [<b>FANLESS</b>] ZOTAC ION ITX A-E (with integrated Atom 2x 1.6Ghz CPU, Onboard PSU, WLAN) [FANLESS]
 | 05.01.2011
I was surprised to see that everything works out of the box on Ubuntu 10.10. No tricks no hacks needed. I was a bit worried about HDMI audio, and wireless, but they both work flawlessly on linux.
The board is pretty fast in one-task-at-a-time situations, but it starts to lag a bit on multitasking. I use it as a media center on a M350 case and it totally shines in this scenario.
The reason I'm giving 4 stars instead of 5 is that fans speed cannot be regulated. They run always at full speed (included fan spins at 3000rpm and is very noisy). You need a third party controller if you want to use a fan. The board is given as "fanless", though.

Car-PC CTFWIKE-4 Wireless RF-keyboard with Mouse-stick (10m range) [UK-Layout] CTFWIKE-4 Wireless RF-keyboard with Mouse-stick (10m range) [UK-Layout]
 | 05.01.2011
The keyboard is small and pretty. Beware that it's hard to configure on linux. Consider that the original model/manufacturer seems to be Ortek PKB-1700, google it and you'll find how to recompile the hid modules for linux.

Car-PC HDD/Fan bracket f. M350 enclosure HDD/Fan bracket f. M350 enclosure
 | 18.01.2011
An essential add-on for your M350. Fit a second HDD or a couple of cooling fans.

Car-PC RAM 1024MB DDR-II 800 RAM 1024MB DDR-II 800
 | 18.01.2011
Works as expected, but I should have probably bought the 2gb module. They are pretty inexpensive these times, and RAM is never enough :)