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Product comments of lsjoerds

Car-PC M350 Mini-ITX enclosure M350 Mini-ITX enclosure
 | 07.03.2016
Nice enclosure. Good enough for most applications. Connecting extra (f.i. COM) ports however will be a problem in most situations because
there are no spare connector possibilities. Important also is that the wires to the IO-panel are not by far long enough for a lot of mainboards.

Car-PC Mitac PD14RI-N3700 (Intel D2500HN2) (Intel Braswell Pentium N3700 4x 2.4Ghz CPU) [<b>FANLESS</b>] Mitac PD14RI-N3700 (Intel D2500HN2) (Intel Braswell Pentium N3700 4x 2.4Ghz CPU) [FANLESS]
 | 07.03.2016
After testing various boards this one performs very good. Our application is Windows7/SQL-server based. With a 64bit installation on 8Gb memory and SSD drive we found a very good performance here. Small minus point is that mSata is not supported. In default BIOS mode you need a high resolution monitor otherwise you will see no image on your screen. After changing the BIOS setting this is no problem anymore.
The standard Windows7 installation does not support the USB3 so will not work with this board. However after installing the USB drivers in the boot.wim and install.wim on a bootable USB stick (using DISM) everything works like a charm and is all worth your effort. Also the wake-up from S5 works as it should on this board.