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Product comments of albertgl

Car-PC Nanovision MIMO UM-720S V2 (7" USB Touchscreen Display) Nanovision MIMO UM-720S V2 (7" USB Touchscreen Display)
 | 12.08.2010
This display is surprisingly bright considering it takes power only from the USB port. As an extended display to place your tool bars, widget, etc., it works perfectly. Watching YouTube in full screen on the monitor also works pretty well.

The touchscreen function on the other hand leaves something to be desired. It is responsive enough when used in mirror mode but the screen is not properly calibrated on the right side --- even after you calibrate it. It's hard to use the scrollbar that is way out to the right side of the screen when using the touchscreen. In extended mode, the touchscreen is unusable. As you move you finger on this screen, you will see the cursor erratically moving on your main display but the small resolution does not cover the usually bigger resolution of your main screen.

However, I'd still recommend it if you need a really portable and small monitor for your netbook or laptop when on the go. I only wish that the screen can be detached from the stand and used as a slate while connected to the computer.