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Car-PC CTF840-<b>SH</b> - VGA 8.4" TFT - Touchscreen USB - Video - Audio (<b>LED, 450 nits</b>) <b>-TRANSFLECTIVE PRO-</b> CTF840-SH - VGA 8.4" TFT - Touchscreen USB - Video - Audio (LED, 450 nits) -TRANSFLECTIVE PRO-
 | 12.12.2010
Screen image quality and touchscreen accuracy leave nothing to be desired. The screen really is extremely bright and glare-resistant. Driver installation under Windows 7 is easy. Although I personally do not have use for this feature and therefor have not tried it, the software does offer support for using several of these touchscreen monitors on one computer.
There is only one area where I believe the manufacturer should improve in future revisions of this product: The standard connector for PC audio is the 3.5mm jack, NOT cinch. Although cinch offers better audio quality, extremely few sound cards and no integrated sound chips offer cinch outputs. This device, however, only has cinch for audio input - in my case, it was not a problem, as I could quickly solder an adapter out of some spare audio cables. Yet, I believe that such an adapter should be included.

Car-PC TFT Display Suction holder (Heavy-Duty / Holds up to 27 kg) *new* TFT Display Suction holder (Heavy-Duty / Holds up to 27 kg) *new*
 | 12.12.2010
First, the positive: The suction cup holder really is as strong as advertised, provided you clean both the suction cup and the surface carefully.
Then, the negative: The included adapter for mounting the cup holder to a CTF840-SH monitor does not hold: The guidance rails of the monitor are not capable of fixing the adapter, making it impossible to mount the monitor to the cup holder. This should not pose a problem for folks with some drilling experience, who will be able to mount the adapter to the cup holder in a resilient, although permanent way. However, this should NOT be necessary as it is not only a hassle for the consumer, but will also lead to a loss of warranty.

Car-PC Globalsat BU-353S4 USB GPS Receiver (<b>Sirf 4</b> chipset) Globalsat BU-353S4 USB GPS Receiver (Sirf 4 chipset)
 | 05.06.2012
Dieser GPS-Empfaenger haelt dank SIRF IV (Nachfolger des bekannten SIRF III), was er verspricht: Hat man fertig ausgeparkt, ist der GPS-Fix bereits da, und selbst im Grossstadtdschungel bietet er einen verlaesslichen Empfang. Weiters hat er ein unaufdringliches Design und einen wirklich sehr guenstigen Preis. Aus meiner Sicht eine klare Kaufempfehlung!