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Product comments of ahtov

Car-PC ZOTAC ION ITX B-E (with integrated Atom 1.6Ghz CPU) [<b>FANLESS</b>] ZOTAC ION ITX B-E (with integrated Atom 1.6Ghz CPU) [FANLESS]
 | 24.02.2010
Perfect PC for all your normal desktop computing needs. In my book this will include HD videos and DVB (GPU accelerated), web browsing, mail and IM aplications etc. and CAD (OpenGL). It will not include gaming tough and also Flash is kind of hard to it in some cases as it is not GPU accelerated. YouTube plays only up to 480p. I will rate this product highr than the dual core version for it is completle silent (with SSD and silent PSU) and I get everything done! I don't care if the CPU is 90% loaded for some task as I can also happily live in a flat that isn't 70% empty.

Car-PC M350 Mini-ITX enclosure M350 Mini-ITX enclosure
 | 24.02.2010
The ITX case of my dreams. I love those USB ports behind the front cover - perfect for ducking away the DVB receiver and that wireless mouse dongle. Good choice for fanless boards.