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Product comments of RutgerB

Car-PC M3-ATX 6-24V DC/DC (125 Watt) [picoPSU-format !] M3-ATX 6-24V DC/DC (125 Watt) [picoPSU-format !]
 | 03.02.2011
Very small profile. Shutting down and booting my carpc works great.
Also great warranty. Definitly worth it.

Car-PC CTFGPS-1 USB GPS Maus (<b>Sony GA-4</b> chipset) CTFGPS-1 USB GPS Maus (Sony GA-4 chipset)
 | 03.02.2011
Nice long cable and a magnet for attaching.
The driver however isn't so great, it autodetects as an serial mouse which can be quite a hassle.
And I'm unsure if it's my driver or the dongle itself. But I have really poor reception. I sometimes have to put it on my roof to even get it to detect enough sats.

Car-PC Car2PC - VW, Audi, Seat, Skoda [VAGS] Car2PC - VW, Audi, Seat, Skoda [VAGS]
 | 03.02.2011
Best solution if you want to keep your original car radio.
Doesn't work as good as I hoped though, sometimes the carradio doesn't recognize the device for some unknown reason.
Also it lacks any control leds, so you are never sure if you connected it correctly.
Sound quality is great.
Plugin drivers for centrafuse are under development by an enthusiast, so I have had a chance to use the interface part of it.

Car-PC M200 Enclosure M200 Enclosure
 | 03.02.2011
Cheapest ITX housing on the market. Not very sturdy. Still worth it though.

Car-PC Low profile Replacement heatsink for Intel D945GCLF(2), D201GLY, D201GLY2A Low profile Replacement heatsink for Intel D945GCLF(2), D201GLY, D201GLY2A
 | 03.02.2011
The stock cooler isn't that high, I didn't need this.