CTF846-A - VGA 8" TFT - Video - Audio [LED-Backlight] (without TS)

  319.00 EUR
incl. 19% VAT, plus shipping

  • LED-Backlight !
  • Audio speakers !
  • Auto-PowerOn !
  • 1000 nits !

New on 30.09.2022:
- 1000 nits instead of 600

New : LED-Backlight-Technology, with optimized color saturation enabling particular high and shining display. The scale of displayable color nuances is increased by 45% because of the new technology. Conventional LCDs are based on CCFL backlight, which can display approx. 72% of the standard color scale of NTSC (National Television Systems Committee). With LED-Backlight-Technology 104% of the NTSC-color scale can be displayed. This results in displaying in a highly realistic manner.

Difference of CTF-846-A comparing to CTF846 : No AutoDimmer, No USB-Hub, 12V instead of 12/24VDC !

The new CTF-846-A TFT-Display (succeesor of the CTF845/MM500 model) is the latest development from CarTFT.com and comes with many nice features. In any case it is the ideal display- and input-unit for your Laptop, CarPC or HTPC. The briliant VGA-display ensures a maximum readability and sharpness.

The device has among other features integrated speaker and an rear camera input.

AC-Adapter for home usage and a car cigarette lighter adapter is included as well as the IR-remote-control unit and the extra long (2,5 meters) All-In-One connector cable.

The CTF-846-A can be used with any PC/MAC with VGA-port.

Screen size 8" digital
Aspect Ratio 4:3 wide TFT screen
Dot Resolution 2400x600= 1,440,000 dots
Physical Resolution 800x600
Supported Resolutions 640x480-1920x1080
Color configuration RGB stripe
Power input DC 12VDC
Power consumption max. 10W
Video system 3x Video inputs (PAL/NTSC)
1x VGA input
Dimensions Display Case : 232mm x 162mm x 36mm
Display : 162 x 122 mm
Video input signal 1.0Vp-p, composite video
Brightness 1000 cd/m
Contrast 500:1
Vibration IEC68-2-6
Operating Temperature -30 to 85C
Features Full function OSD control (englisch)
Built-in speaker
VESA compliant mounting holes + metal rail
Automatic switching to rear camera (signal sensing on AV3)
What is included ? - 8" VGA TFT with Video/Audio-support
- Infrared Remote Control
- Car dash mounting bracket
- VGA/Video/Audio-cable (all-in-one !) 2,5 meters length
- Power Adapter f. EU 230V
- Cigarette Lighter Adapter
- Manual