2,5" HDD 80GB SATA (Hybrid HDD, FlashON) *neu*

  999.00 EUR
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  • Hybrid HDD
  • FlashON

2,5" HDD 80GB SATA HYBRID (Samsung HM08HHI)
Capacity : 80GB
Interface : SATA 1.5Gbps
Buffer DRAM Size : 8 Mbytes
OneNAND Flash : 256 MB

- Acceleration of System start: The wake-up from Standby or Hibernate-mode is accelerated. Hybrid-drives save Boot-informations on a flash-chip, which saves data also when no power is fed. Result : Up to 30% faster system start up time.

- Decrease of power consumption : Hybrid-drives also can save standard content on the flash chip, like programs and folders. This minimizes the number of physical HDD accesses and thereby also the power consumption.

- Increase of lifetime: Just like the power consumption, lesser access means higher life time.