CTF840-SH ULTRA - VGA 8.4" TFT - Touchscreen USB - Video - Audio (LED, 1000 nits) -TRANSFLECTIVE PRO-

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  • Transflective !
  • Audio speakers !
  • Sunlight Boosted !
  • Auto-PowerOn !

CTF840-SH display now also is available as a version with extra-high brightness value (1000 nits) and thereby enables perfect readability even under direkt sunlight.

Features :
- 8.4" 800x600 VGA
- 1000 nits, 600:1 contrast
- Touchscreen USB
- 3x Video-inputs (1x Auto-Switching)
- Extented temperature range -30-85C
- Auto Power On/Off
- Integrated speakers
- Long-term available industry panel

Using transflective panels and Anti-Glare touchscreens enables readability even under direct sunlight. For the first time with midrange-models, TFT panels with transflective technology are used. An anti-reflexion-coating additionally minimizes reflections on the surface. Transflective TFTs combine the advantages of reflexiv and transmissive display systems. The incoming light, which is making the surface of other display types to be unreadable, is reflected by the rear side of the panel. Because of this passive relexion the image is winning on brilliance. During dark light conditions the readability is still ensured by a transmissive backlight.

New : LED-Backlight-Technology, with optimized color saturation enabling particular high and shining display. The scale of displayable color nuances is increased by 45% because of the new technology. Conventional LCDs are based on CCFL backlight, which can display approx. 72% of the standard color scale of NTSC (National Television Systems Committee). With LED-Backlight-Technology 104% of the NTSC-color scale can be displayed. This results in displaying in a highly realistic manner.

The new CTF-840 TFT-Display (succeedor of the MM500 model) is the latest development from CarTFT.com and comes with many nice features. In any case it is the ideal display- and input-unit for your Laptop, CarPC or HTPC. With the touchscreen functionality you easily can control your PC. The briliant VGA-display ensures a maximum readability and sharpness.

The device has integrated Stereo-speakers and an rear camera input.

AC-Adapter for home usage and a car cigarette lighter adapter is included as well as the IR-remote-control unit and the extra long (2,5 meters) All-In-One connector cable.

The CTF-840 can be used with any PC/MAC with VGA- and USB port.

Driver-CD included, compatible with :
- Windows 95/98/ME/NT4/2000/XP/7/8/8.1/10
- XP Tablet PC Edition
- Windows CE 2.12, 3.0, .net
- Linux RedHat,Mandrake,..
- Macintosh OS 9.x, 10.x
- DOS,..

Screen size 8.4" digital
Aspect Ratio 4:3 wide TFT screen
Dot Resolution 2400x600= 1,440,000 dots
Physical Resolution 800x600
Supported Resolutions 640x480-1600x1024
Color configuration RGB stripe
Power input DC 12V (12/24V available for project customers)
Power consumption max. 10W
Video system 3x Video inputs (PAL/NTSC)
1x VGA input
Dimensions Display Case : 232mm x 162mm x 36mm
Display : 170 x 130 mm
Video input signal 1.0Vp-p, composite video
Brightness 1000 cd/m
Contrast 600:1
Vibration IEC68-2-6
Operating Temperature -30 to 85C
Features Full function OSD control (englisch)
Built-in Stereo-speakers
Auto Power On/Off
VESA compliant mounting holes (75mm) + metal rail
Automatic switching to rear camera (by a 12V cable)
What is included ? - 8.4" VGA Touchscreen TFT with Video/Audio-support
- Infrared Remote Control
- Car dash mounting bracket
- Touchscreen pencil
- VGA/Video/Audio/Touchscreen-cable (all-in-one !) 2.5 meters length
- Power Adapter f. EU 230V
- Cigarette Lighter Adapter
- Touchscreen Driver-CD
- Manual
CTF840-SH Display in MAN TGX
Sunlight-readable-test with CTF700-SH in Death Valley (USA)